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Maras is a salt mine complex dating back to pre-Inca times that has 4,200 pools. Each salt well is crossed by a stream of salt water. Composed of approximately 5 thousand wells that are inherited from generation to generation. During the Inca empire, a town of utmost importance since it provided natural salt to the entire empire. The Maras salt flats are located in the Sacred Valley, just 50 kilometers from Cusco. The distance between the Maras salt mines and the Moray archaeological site is only 7 kilometers.

The residents of Maras sell this salt, just as the Incas did hundreds of years ago. You can purchase different products made with these salts (different types and colors of salts, salts for grilling or cooking with different herbs, etc.)

When visiting the salt mines of Maras you can take advantage and visit Moray, this excursion is half a day (approx. 6 hours). During the visit you can take many photos and buy salt.

In the case of taking a private tour, it is usual to stop in Chinchero to see a sample of artisanal wool weaving and dyeing. The tour includes pickup and guided tour.

The entrance to the salt mines is ten soles per person.

If you want to go to Maras – Moray on your own, you have to take public service, make several stops along the way, if transportation is taken from Cusco, you must do it from the bus stop that goes to Urubamba from Av. Grau – Turkey poults. The distance between Cusco and Urubamba is 1 hour, before reaching Urubamba you must get off on the Maras branch. From there you have to take a taxi or bus to the town of Maras and if you want to visit Moray from this location you must take another taxi.

This option is for those who have time and patience.

The other option is to take a private taxi from the city of Cusco to visit these 2 places, this being a more expensive option than a shared tour.

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